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HTC Updates ICS List - Rezound not first.General

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  1. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member



  2. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    Later this year? Screw this. I'm tired of waiting.
  3. maximus20895

    maximus20895 Well-Known Member

    Just get the ICS roms...
  4. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    Not a single one even close to fully functioning. Nevermind with the performance improvements of multi-core support and offloading graphics to the GPU.
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  5. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    Having to wait well past March seems to be unreasonable. By all means OEMs, stop making so many devices so we can get updates quicker! We better not get no 4.0 either, we better get 4.14349392.

    I also agree with the ROMs. I did that with my Inc, and it really more hassle than it was worth. Knowing what I know now, I would have just rooted and left it as is.
  6. Coop1969

    Coop1969 Member

    My history with ota updates is that for every improvement, something else breaks. My og droid was ruined after getting 2.2. Why is everyone so desperate for ics?
  7. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    just read this article today. I'm sure it's going to make a lot of users mad. ICS was introduced/released in Dec 2012. I don't see ANY phone other than a Nexus phone getting ICS within 6 months of release. That is the way it has always been. I'm referring to a phone getting it as an update not another phone released with it.
  8. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    That is understandable if you only consider precedence. I'm asserting the timeline in the precedence is unacceptable. 6 months after the code is released is a joke. EVERY phone (but the Nexii) will always be one version behind if the precedent continues.
  9. mustardtiger

    mustardtiger Well-Known Member

    1. If the OTA update for the Nexus that everyone thinks is impending actually happens AND 2. it actually fixes the connectivity issues, I think I'll go back to the Nexus.

    If not, I'll probably stick with my Rezound as is. Or, wait on the next big thing which is surely just around the corner, and might even be available before the Rezound ever sees ICS.

    Not likely to go the developer ICS ROM route, as I don't think I'm that skilled and I'm sure I'm not patient enough to put up with myriad bugs and the like.

    Kind of a bummer. Having waited on GB for my Inc. I realize we could be in for a loooooong wait.
  10. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    This is not just a matter of a few neat features. ICS's improved hardware acceleration / Multicore CPU support and an improved ability to offload tasks to the GPU are a game changer. To quote Gina Trapani:
    "Offloading rendering to the GPU also increases battery life, because GPUs are fixed-function hardware, so they operate at a lower power envelope."

  11. AndyBones

    AndyBones Well-Known Member

    Considering the lousy OTA we just got this doesn't surprise me.
    I love the Rezound but ICS would be nice.
  12. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I guess it's a good thing I'm happy with the Rez as is. When ICS is pushed I will likely be bored with this phone and be wanting a big change. Besides, maybe they will get it right before we have to live with it.
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  13. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    Actually, most ICS roms are pretty close to fully functional. Each has some issues, with a few issues common to all. But you make it sound like they are useless. For some maybe. If you need bluetooth then I guess you're out of luck. But for most they can easily be used as a daily driver.

    The ICS rom I'm using is pretty freaking functional for sure. It can be found here:

    [2-9-12][ROM]ICS Sense Redefined-Beta[Sense 3.6][4.0.3] - xda-developers

    Besides the bluetooth not working (which I never use anyway), the only other issues are occasional slight blue screen flickering (and I mean very occasional) and the animation for the data arrows in the status bar not working. That's it. At least that's all that I've noticed. Wifi, calls, data and GPS all work great. Apps (at least the ones that are ICS compatible) work fine.

    Oh, it's also smooth as silk and fast as crap. Not a single FC yet. I was skeptical when these ICS roms began to surface. But they've gotten so good in such a short period of time that I don't think I could go back to a GB rom.
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  14. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    Hopefully they'll remove that Verizon location app when they roll out ICS. I'd rather let them get it right and it take longer than them push the upgrade and have to push several updates to the upgrade because something in the Rezound isn't playing nice with ICS.
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  15. schimm

    schimm Well-Known Member

    For the rooters....I've rooted and rommed both my X and Droid OG without problem. From what I've read this seems a bit trickier and more involved. Is that a fair assessment?
  16. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    Please don't misinterpret my skepticism for a complete rejection of the value that these ROM's bring. I understand they are a work in progress and very important. They are most certainly not useless. This out-of-box development is the reason for the rapid advancement in this operating system.
    That said, simply because you are willing to cope with the shortcomings, doesn't allow us to call them "fully functional". I use Bluetooth every single day. I connect a bluetooth keyboard. Bluetooth headphones. To stream music and audiobooks through A2DP in my car. To have to reboot each time I wish to connect to a BT device is a show-stopper.

    I could cope with some screen flickering, lost data arrow animations, etc. I've been flashing developmental ROM's since I first rooted my hTC Hero in Dec 2009. If one wants to ride the cutting edge of development, a certain amount of bugginess has to be deal with. But lost functionality for a device that is used extensively eliminates them as a daily driver.
    I've donated to every developer on XDA, hoping to provide incentive to spend hours on the Rezound platform. I want to see this platform become one of the great dev phones! But until we get an official ICS build from hTC, I don't think we'll truly unlock the potential in this fine piece of hardware.
  17. sbebs2000

    sbebs2000 Active Member

    I had previously read that the sensation will get ICS on Sense 3.5 will no plans to move it to Sense 4.0, so that begs the question, would you rather have in March on 3.5 or wait a bit longer and have ICS on Sense 4.0?
  18. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    I agree that the lack of bluetooth working is a deal breaker for some. Stated as much. I also didn't call these roms fully functional. Just close enough for me to use it without any real issues on a daily basis. Honestly, if the 4.0.3 leak that the rom I'm using is based off of is where HTC is currently at, then I think we'll see ICS sooner rather than later.

    Btw, being in such a hurry to upgrade to ICS has its draw backs too. I realized that one of the paid apps I use extensively is currently not supported. There are no adequate alternatives in the market either. Like your bluetooth issue, this may be a deal breaker for me. However, at least with these roms I have the option of rolling back to GB. When the official ICS update drops, that might not be the case, in which case I'd be stuck with not being able to use one of my favorite apps until the dev updates it (whenever that may be).
  19. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    Well, it is a bit more involved than the DX, which I've owned in the past as well. This is mostly due to the bootloader unlocking process. But the process itself is very easy and the instructions for doing so are pretty clear. Once you're unlocked you can install custom recovery and gain superuser access. Then you'll have perm root and be good to go.

    Flashing roms is very similar to flashing roms on the DX. Only thing is it seems that many of the roms require wiping before flashing even if its just an update for an existing rom (unlike many DX roms where you could flash on top of an existing version without wiping data).

    I think it may sound more daunting than it really is. Also, most of the issues people run into have to do with kernels. This might be new to you since you never had to worry about kernels with the DX (since you could not flash custom ones on it). It was to me. But once I read up on it, it wasn't too difficult to figure out. Dev community folks are very friendly and helpful for sure.

    You can find the instructions for doing this all this in the root section.
  20. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    Honestly, the Rezound is still a great phone, with or without ICS. I expect it to get significantly better with ICS, but the thing that is most upsetting is that hTC misled the public by promising ICS in the first quarter. Many, including myself, have relied on that promise when the decision came between the Nexus and Rezound. To be honest, that is what it came down to, for me.
    Now hTC has gone back on their promise and it sure starts to appear that they're the type of company that will say anything it takes to get the sale, regardless of whether they can deliver on the promise, or not.
  21. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    I saw an update on their facebook page...

  22. TheMortallyWounded

    TheMortallyWounded Well-Known Member

    I'm in no rush. On the few devices I've played with using 4.0, I'm not so impressed that it will occupy my mind all the time. My first HTC Android was the Eris, and the anticipation of 2.1 was killing me. Now, I'll just let it come when it may. The most I can hope for with it is improved 4G performance, since I'm told that it may contain fixes for the "signal lie" issue.

    Also, I'm sure this has been said before, but Verizon always has the final say on software, so even if HTC were to have 4.0 ready to roll tomorrow, Big Red lwon't likely let it release until they get finished filling it with bloatware and other annoyances.

    I'm not even worried about it coming out before my warranty expires. I'll root it then (there should be a one-step app for root by that time) and just dump the garbage. That would be the biggest improvement I would want. Does this make me a fuddy-duddy?
  23. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha! I agree! :)
  24. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    You guys apparently aren't aware of the extent of changes in going from 2.3 to 4.0
  25. dharmaynayz

    dharmaynayz Member

    totally agree. take ur time, get it right. like OLBRIAR said, i'll probably be sick of sense and want a change.

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