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Support HTC Vivid LED Light

  1. Lvbhat

    Lvbhat Member

    Whenever I use Go Sms pro or Handcent or Chomp sms or anything with a quick reply option for that matter the green LED will not stop blinking after have replied to the text. There is nothing in the notification bar and the only way to stop it from blinking is to pull the bar down. Any help? It has ICS

  2. onahulvey

    onahulvey New Member

    It is an indicator light letting you know that you are being targeted by an alien death ray. You should immediately seek shelter in a closet wearing either a pot or a hat made of tin foil on your head for protection.

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  3. byfastleo

    byfastleo New Member

    Has the problem soved? You should put it to for maintenance.
  4. byfastleo

    byfastleo New Member

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