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  1. Brooks-3D

    Brooks-3D Member

    I just picked up my EVO 3D earlier today. Im already having issues but having the feeling it's user error. I was watching the green hornet in HTC Watch. Demo'd it for friends for a few seconds a couple of times. On probably the third time it prompted me to perform an update (weird on the 3rd time). After performing the update, I found that the movie, as well as my Spider-Man game began playing in 2D. This was very upsetting. I uninstalled the update via "manage applications" and restarted the device twice before I could get the Spider-Man to work. After that, the Watch program gives me an error that the latest version needs to be installed only it's no longer available to be installed. Please HALP.

  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I think your best bet is to a factory reset, install all updates, and then enjoy your phone.

    Welcome to the forums!
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  3. Brooks-3D

    Brooks-3D Member

    Thanks for the help. I called HTC and that's what they told me to do. They said it's a generic update for the HTC Watch program. Nothing like software that doesn't work when you do update and doesnt work when you dont update...
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  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I did that, it's working for me. Give it a try, report back, let us know. :)

    PS - sorry if this is a dumb question - you do have a Watch account?
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  5. tygger

    tygger Member

    I just recently experienced this issue. At times, it would say the movie can't be found... at other times, the movie would only be in 2d. I don't know if there's something I'm doing to trigger this issue, but a restart fixes it. It's really annoying.
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  6. Brooks-3D

    Brooks-3D Member

    I'd rather not delete everything in my phone that I've spent so much time installing.

    I'll just wait for an update for now.
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  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    If you set your phone up to automatically back up to Google, the only things you'll need to restore are email account info stuff and the Amazon app store (the apk for that will still be on your /sdcard/download - re-install that, select all on your apps to re-download) and your screen setup.

    Your Market apps and wifi setting will automatically re-download.
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  8. tbta02

    tbta02 Well-Known Member

    when i open it or the green hornet movie it prompts me to update then tells me there is no update available .it just keeps repeating and i cant get past it .any ideas?
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  9. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    System Updates, HTC Software Update?
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  10. wacko11

    wacko11 Well-Known Member

    Go to applications, manage applications, HTC watch and clear data.
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  11. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

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  12. blimtad

    blimtad New Member

    What type of credit card is it? American Express is not accepted, for example.
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  13. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, quick question about the WATCH app here;

    it seems that everytime i go to htc hub, i always see that the WATCH app needs to be updated. I update it and then when i tap open on the app, it says the app is not found. ive tried restarting my phone and everything. like ho do i get that view where the cover flows? just to be sure can anyone give me the version # of the most up to date update?

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  14. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Go to Menu/Applications/Manage Application, click on all, and then scroll to the bottom and see if Watch is there, the version I am on is if you have watch there, clear cache and then clear data if possible

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  15. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Well-Known Member

    i have the same version. guess everything is ok! thanks!
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  16. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Okay well iv had this same issue for quite some time and no such luck fixing it :( :( :( I update and it says application not found but i have the app in my drawer, I can load the library etc... But the update will download install and then when I click it, it says application not found?! I cleared the data from manage apps and cache etc.. no such luck there either I re did update and it still popped up saying app not found!? Iv had my 3vo since day 1 of release and bought it brand new and still have the original :) so any ideas!?!?
  17. euphoriaarc

    euphoriaarc New Member

    Hey can anyone help, I have just purchased my HTC EVO 3d about a week ago and I'm having trouble finding 3d content. I have updated the phone to version 2.3.4 and I have the 3 3d games (aims 3, shift, spiderman) but when i try to use HTC watch I can only view trailers, I don't have the option to browse or buy movies or movies in 3d. Also when.I use youtube, is there any easy way to search for 3d videos. And lastly games like nova and asphalt I have no I idea where to find them, I tried looking in the android marketplace but no luck. Please help :)
  18. wacko11

    wacko11 Well-Known Member

    Trying going into htc watch using ur 3g not wifi and once ur in the movie selection part turn back on wifi........for 3d games going into the 3d games app.
  19. shiggity

    shiggity Active Member

    I did a factory reset on my phone and I'm trying to get the Green Hornet video working (never finished it).

    I open up the watch program and it asks me to sign in. I try signing in with my usual email and password combos. None of my passwords work. I try creating a new account and it says that email is already in use with an existing account. Ok, so I try the forget password thing and it says an email is being sent out to that email address but I have not received anything.

    WTF. Is there a way to get the log in information from htc website or something?

  20. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to sign into htc Watch with my original email and password. I'm 100% sure im putting the right password in but it keeps rejecting me. I then tell it to send me an email to recover it but it never gets sent to my email. My only solution is to make another email and register. anyone else have this problem??

  21. SuperC142

    SuperC142 Well-Known Member

    Yup. It will not log in. I am certain my credentials are correct. Very annoying.

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