HTC wildfire Android 2.3

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  1. gusu95

    gusu95 New Member

    Hy, I rooted my HTC wildfire, and now i want to instal android 2.3, can anyone recomend me android 2.3 for my phone?

  2. soufender

    soufender New Member

    Now I've rooted, with a great deal of help from reading androidforums, I also was considering 2.3. Anyone out there done this or is it not recommended.
  3. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    For you guys to obtain android 2.3 on your devices you will need to root your device (immediately voiding the warranty), then install an unofficial version of android 2.3 (since there wont be an updates for wildfire)

    Refer to the link in my signature "Rooting Wildfire 2.2.1", i recommend using the original link shown in the thread but post your queries on androidforums if your stuck. Make sure you read up on rooting, so you have more information about what your actually doing

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