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HTC Wildfire Contacts ListSupport

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  1. bingefeller

    bingefeller Active Member

    Hi guys,

    When I hit the "phone" button on my HTC wildfire it brings up all my contacts on both my SIM card and in the phone memory. Is there anyway that I can see just the SIM card contacts as it shows up all of my contacts twice!

    When I hit the HTC people button it will just bring up a list of each contact only once, but this takes a few seconds to load.

    Any help is appreciated.


  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Have you tried linking the contacts to your phone ones? The phone app does display all phone types, even if hidden in "people"

    Or try an alternative dialer from the market. maybe "dialer one" has this feature.
  3. bingefeller

    bingefeller Active Member

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the reply. If this is how the Phone app does things then I'll just leave it be and use the HTC People button instead.

    Thanks anyway!

    BTW - Do you know of a good free battery monitoring app for the Wildfire. There are so many that I don't know which one to choose.
  4. MadalinX

    MadalinX Active Member


    I am having the same thing with the contacts, it;s very annoying.

    But , if you call from the "People" ( and you have in view just the phone contacts ) the last dialed number will appear in the "phone button list " .

    Also, see here my open thread, maybe you will find some help


    Also, if your phone it's new, how is you battery life ?


    PS: if you find a good battery monitoring app please be kind and send me a message :D

    Thanks a lot!
  5. tiggerlator

    tiggerlator Well-Known Member

    Personally i use battstatt good enough for me.
  6. bingefeller

    bingefeller Active Member

    My battery life appears to be pretty good. I downloaded the Battery Indicator app and it works good. It shows that I have 55% left in my battery and I have had the phone on since 8am this morning and have been using it on and off all day - it's now 3pm.

    I'm not expecting the battery life to be as good as my Nokia, which lasted me for up to 2 weeks between charges, as this phone uses more power to do stuff like sync with my google account and I've been using the internet and downloading some apps.
  7. Indy singh

    Indy singh New Member

    You can see the contacts from phone or from sim. you dont need to delete them.
    People menu view and select sim or phone simple:rolleyes:
  8. msred121

    msred121 New Member

    all you have to do is go through your phone contacts and either delete the numbers on the phone memory or on the sim card but not both.
  9. ahmed-max

    ahmed-max New Member

    press phone , long press the contact u want to delete , view contact , press the menu button and u'll find a delete option ;)

    hope it helped ^^
  10. amanduhh

    amanduhh New Member

    can someone help me. i just had my hard reset. now i cant see some of my contacts in pple, but there name shows up when they text me. HELPPP

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