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HTC Wildfire issue with Market application (process com.android.vending)

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  1. balamuruga19

    balamuruga19 Member


    My Mareket appliaction automatically its update to 3.1.3. This version is not good. because it is very slow to open the market and update also very slow. So I tried uninstalling the update and I restored to 2.2.6. After restoring first time, if I connect to internet it works with 2.2.6. But after some time it automatically getting updated to 3.1.3. I want to stop the update. I tried checking with HTC. They said i need to reload the OS.

    If any idea how to resolve this issue. Please share with me.

  2. chandrappa.dvn

    chandrappa.dvn New Member

    I am not able to download android application.
    Problem is, when i tried to download, it will ask login ID and password, google account does not match the account.

    even i tried with customer care, they tried and finally they said, go to HTC show room.

    plz provide me solution
  3. balamuruga19

    balamuruga19 Member

    Have you tried doing the factory restore ?
  4. jiv

    jiv New Member

    how to reset my phone any 1 know let me know plz thx
  5. balamuruga19

    balamuruga19 Member

    You can find in your user manual.

    Select settings,sd & phone storage, Factory data reset.

    METHAM New Member


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