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HTC Wildfire leather case overheating

  1. supmario

    supmario New Member

    hi all,
    I just thinking to buy a leather case for a HTC Wildfire, and what do you think, is the case will cause the phone to overheat. It encloses the phone and it seems like it might be a bad idea to even have cases like that. Thanks.

  2. melissaberks

    melissaberks New Member

    I have a gel skin and screen saver for my htc wildfire. My partner purchased a leather flip-top case for his htc desire and he has had no problems with overheating so far. I think the gel cases are great coupled with a phone sock.
  3. bingefeller

    bingefeller Active Member

    I have a leather case for mine and never noticed any problems with overheating. My leather case is open at the top and doesn't have any straps. I don't think that if a phone is in a case and isn't being use that it should be overheating.
  4. sweetgurl38

    sweetgurl38 New Member

    looking for a goo case anyone have any sugestions
  5. sweetgurl38

    sweetgurl38 New Member

    loooking for good case anyone hae sugestions
  6. hemantc007

    hemantc007 Member

    me too, please suggest me a good case , not a leather one i don't like it .
  7. nice123

    nice123 New Member

  8. mac9091

    mac9091 New Member

    The only time i have found mine to get hot is when i have been using the navigation programme, but only behind the HTC logo on the back.

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