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  1. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    Hi, lurked about this forum for the last few days, my Desire went breasts up after the Froyo update, HTC are quoting an age to repair it (looks like loads have gone wrong lately, what a coincidence!!??)

    I need a phone for navigation and for surfing whilst I am out, and I nearly bought a Wildfire a few months back, but ended up getting a Nokia X6 16GB, which is a lovely phone, but not as easy to use as the Desire.

    I have seen all the comments on here about the Wildfire and held off getting one till today, and you know what, it is quite a good phone, yes the colours look washed out after using my desire, but they are still colours, I am only 41 years old, so the extra 1 second for screens to change is not going to waste away my last few years on earth. The GPS got a lock within 20 seconds of turning the phone on, the Desire I returned could not do that. It feels like it is very well made, it looks good, and the main thing that impresses me most IT WORKS!! Which my Desire did not, despite how magnificent it was, It was a nightmare overheating reboots etc etc etc.

    I look forward to my Desire returning, I just hope my Desire for it is still there when it does.


  2. jesper10

    jesper10 Member

    Ohh, that's gentle!

    First post, but I have to agree 100%.

    I had a Desire for 2 months and was completely underwhelmed with its unpredictability. (Crashes/poor battery etc)

    So got rid and bought a Wildfire and I have to say, although not as "brilliant" as the Desire, it works and does everything I need of really is a great phone. The only gripe I have with it at all is it sometimes has a short lag when typing a text and it doesn't reload my self-made widgets, created through FolderOrganiser, on reboot.
  3. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    Have to say Wildfire been sat on my desk now for 4 hours locked to GPS signal, not lost it once handset is almost cold to the touch, what a difference, my Desire in exactly the same location constantly lost signal, got very hot and crashed and burned a lot, I am loving this phone.

  4. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

    Hi Andrew

    There is a lot to love about this phone. I've griped about the screen resolution before but the other aspects of the device are great, one thing I do love about the screen is the haptic feedback. It has a lovely form-factor and feels nice to hold, it also has a camera which is ideal for me - geo tagging rules! I also love the HTC UI and the black gloss effect and the widgets are pretty damn cool too. The GPS function is really quite neat, actually it's quite amazing. It also plays my AAC music files flawlessly and plays very well with my Mac with the help of Doubletwist. Yep, I may have moaned about the screen resolution but the other features on the phone - bearing in mind the price - are really quite good.

    -Francis ;-)

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