HTC Wildfire - People App Force Closing?

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  1. dougjjj

    dougjjj New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm new and am having a bit of an issue with my HTC Wildfire (Stock standard UK version, not rooted), I don't think it's a specific issue to the phone so thought posting here would be the best bet but feel free to move the thread if there is a better spot for it.

    Basically when I try to view certain contacts details through the People app it will force close. All contacts were originally on the sim and have now all been moved to Gmail Contacts and removed from the sim, there are no contacts stored solely on the phone and no facebook contacts either. It only appears to be certain people (the majority still work), they will be working fine for weeks and then one day they will stop working and from then onwards if I try to view their details or access them from the People app it will force close. It generally seems to be regular contacts rather than ones not viewed very often.

    I've been searching the web for similar problems and haven't had any luck, the only similar issue seem to involve using the People app with Facebook contacts which hasn't been accessed or syched on this phone.

    I've attached an extract from the system log with some of the error details (Unhandled Exceptions, BinderDied and Permissions issues) ... anyone have any ideas on how to fix the problem?


  2. dougjjj

    dougjjj New Member

    Nobody have any ideas? :(
  3. dougjjj

    dougjjj New Member

    Bummer, still stuck without being able to access certain contacts, thinking about doing a factory reset but that would be a bit of a PITA.
  4. dee bee

    dee bee New Member

    I am having the same problem with my UK Wildfire. It got worse after the recent software OTA update HTC pushed out. Currently going through their support website which has provided VERY little answers. I will let you know if they come back with some useful advice.
  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Have you tried clearing cache and data through manage applications? You will lose all your contacts though, so hopefully they're all google contacts.
  6. taxoon

    taxoon New Member

    if u have recently downloaded any social network or anything that syncs ur contacts like facebook,google plus,twitter etc unistall them and ur people app should work just fine !
  7. taxoon

    taxoon New Member

    btw i registered to this website just to answer ur question :D becz i had the same issue and its veeryy annoying !
  8. chookylee

    chookylee New Member

    I'm having a simular problem but with friendstream, is a brand new phone out of the box, had it since xmas, I have set up my email like the phone told me to, and can't access that either. Phone tells me for friendstream.. "The application Friend Stream (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close"
    for MyEmail.. it tells me.."you need a network connection to use this application. Please turn on mobile network or Wi-Fi in Settings"... I go to settings (I have a mobile network by the way) and Mobile network is ticked but unhighlighted (I can't do anything with it) and says it is Turning on.... ... never says turned on, only Turning on.....
    I had no problem with network, friendstream and email yesterday, woke up thismorning and now have a problem..
    any help would be great

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