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  1. Spaminator92

    Spaminator92 Member

    Hello all,

    all of the sudden my Wildfire started acting up today.. I was texting with someone when all of the sudden my screen wouldn't turn on anymore. The notification led for a new message kept flashing. When I hit the power button to turn the screen on only the bottom 4 buttons would light up, so I'm guessing the phone was still reacting.

    After that I tried for hours to get in the boot meny by holding volume down and then Power (not holding power). I managed a few times, but several other times the screen would briefly flash white and then I'd have to take the battery out again.

    When I do get in the recovery menu, I can't select any of the options. Scrolling through the options with volume up/down simply doesn't do anything, the marker remains stuck on 'Fastboot'.

    I really need help guys, the phone is only about 4months old, and it will be a real hard task to get it back to the manufacturer (online retailer)

  2. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    try factory resetting the device
    but this will erase all apps and that but wont touch anything on the SD card
  3. Spaminator92

    Spaminator92 Member

    As I said, I can't select any option in the boot menu. Heck, I can't even get to it anymore.
  4. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    take the battery out for 20 seconds and press the power button a few times to get the power out of the phone.
    put the battery back in and
    Hold down the down volume key and press the power button still holding the down volume key.
    a menu should appear then some green writing
    go down to recovery then a red triangle should appear when you select it.

    if it does post back.
  5. Spaminator92

    Spaminator92 Member

    Yes, I've tried that before, and it worked (the only time I managed to select a different option!)

    Right now, I've been trying to get in the boot menu for over an hour now, but I think my screen is gone. When I hit the power button the screen flashes white for half a second, then remains black. The phone boots though, as I can slide the lock screen down and feel the tactile feedback from the lock pattern. Can't see it though..
  6. JamesT

    JamesT Well-Known Member

    If you're in the UK Carphone Warehouse will probably look after the warranty repair for you. I got mine online and they said to take it there. They sent my phone off to HTC and had it back in just under three weeks.
  7. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    just remember if your rooted or have a custom rom installed then your warranty is VOID
  8. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    even try emailing htc directly, it's got a 24month warranty so it can't be expired:) it sounds pretty f#$%ed if you can't get into hboot, i know you can use trackball to navigate menu when in clockworkmod but not in hboot.
    i think you may have a lemon but best of luck in getting it replaced:)
  9. Spaminator92

    Spaminator92 Member

    Okay, thanks :)

    Luckily, I don't :)

    I know, it's weird, all of the sudden it started acting weird, and then the screen just died on me.

    So who should I be contacting now? ( where I bought the phone, or HTC directly?)
  10. JamesT

    JamesT Well-Known Member

    You are in The Nederlands?

    I'd check them both out and see which one gives you the best response.

    The site doesn't list HTC on their repair page so maybe that isn't an option. For me CPW saved me paying any postage and I had the option of a loan phone (which I didn't need) and they had previously fixed a 23 month old SE dumb phone in a couple of days despite me never having had a contract with them.

    I expect straight to HTC is the quickest though.
  11. Spaminator92

    Spaminator92 Member

    Close :) I'm from Belgium, but bought it in The Netherlands (online) because it was much cheaper. The HTC Support told me to call them, and they'd arrange pick up.. This will be much safer (and hassle-free) as sending it myself to another company, and I'm guessing they'll be more experienced too.

    I'll give them a call and hear what they have to say :)
  12. xmodex

    xmodex New Member

    so what i have to do.

    * i take my phone battery out in the labels
    * i take my friend phone battery out in the labels

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