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  1. Scypherius

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    I have a problem with one of our HTC WildFire S.

    The problem is that recently, the email app stopped working properly.
    As shown on the video, I can access the main menu of the email app, but when I try to open any of the emails, the app crashes and goes back to main menu.
    Sometimes, it even crashes to home screen. :confused:

    So I tried to reset the HTC to factory default deleting even the SD card to have everything perfectly clean. No results, the app crashes even after the factory reset. (fyi: This device is after the system and Sense update)

    So I'm in the end of the road and I dunno what to do next.
    Do you have any idea?

    The vid:

    HTC WildFire S email app error - YouTube

  2. Scypherius

    Scypherius New Member


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