HTC wildfire strucked in the reboot screen

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  1. ramrajlegend

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    i switched off my Wildfire because the volume button was not working and when i tried to switch on i found a never before seen screen containing options like


    <VOL UP> to previous item
    <VOL DOWN> to next item
    <POWER> to select item


    i tried to use my volume button to navigate through the options, but went in vain because my volume button was not working already.

    i contacted the service center, they said that my board is short circuited, but i am not convinced with their response..

    Please anyone tell me what could be the problem..


  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    You are seeing the hboot screen, it is the bootloader for HTC devices. It's my guess that your volume down button is making continual contact with the board. The key combination of volume down + power button held at the same time (from a phone off state) is what brings up the hboot screen. So when you turned your phone on, I believe the volume down key was already engaged which caused the hboot screen to show up when you hit the power button. The only remedy IMO is to disassemble the phone and try to fix the issue of continual contact or send the phone in for replacment. You are most likely dealing with a hardware issue here in the form of the volume rocker not working properly.
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