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  1. antisocial

    antisocial New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to know if there's an issue with the touch screen of HTC Wildfire? I have used samsung omnia before and i wasn't much satisfied with it as the alignment sucked after upgrading the phone and could'nt get that fixed. I pretty much prefer the Desire but have seen reviews on youtube that the Desire too has touch screen problems.

    Haven't found any issue like such with the Wildfire on the net so if anyone has come across this, please let me know. thanx

  2. PsychoMania

    PsychoMania Active Member

    I have the Desire (bought in April), my wife has the Wildfire (bought this month) and both have very responsive problem free touchscreens.

    Had nothing but trouble with samsung's and nokia's in the past.

    As long as you have a warranty you have nothing to worry about.
  3. antisocial

    antisocial New Member

    hmm sounds good..but both of your phones are still new, have you or your wife tried to update or maybe did a hard reset? Coz my omnia got screwed when i did a hard reset, could'nt get the calibration correct.

    So basically all i want to know is that would the screen alignment for Wildfire get screwed after a hard reset or firmware/software update?

  4. PsychoMania

    PsychoMania Active Member

    Hard resetting does not negatively effect the screen on the desire. I have hard reset the desire once and updated once, no problems whatsoever with the screen.

    What you had was simply an issue the samsung, it does not affect every phone out there. It has very little in common hardware or software wise with the Desire or Wildfire.

    So stop worrying and buy the phone that you like the most. Problems happen with all phones, don't let it spoil your enjoyment of future phones that you may purchase. No one can predict if the phone you buy will be perfect as hardware problems are often random.
  5. antisocial

    antisocial New Member

    alrite.. thanx alot dude.. I think I'll go for the Wildfire..I just love the reviews and it's a mini version of the desire..
  6. MunchkinMC

    MunchkinMC Member

    I got this phone at the weekend because I was fed up of my Tocco Lite making up it's own words then trying to get me to use them at every opportunity.

    Anyway I love the Wildfire but I'm finding the screen really sensitive. I've sent a few unfinished text messages as one slip of the finger and it's off.

    Is it possible to calibrate the screen as it was on the Tocco?

    Hope someone can help

  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    you can calibrate the keyboard in settings...
  8. nathan57971

    nathan57971 New Member

    Hi, I recently started experiencing touchscreen issues all of a sudden on my wildfire which is very weird.
    i have uploaded a video on youtube of the problem.. please let me know if anythin can be done. my phone isn't rooted.

    HTC Wildfire touchscreen problems - YouTube
  9. havrocksyndrom

    havrocksyndrom New Member


    i AM experiencing the exact same problem with my fone...i bought it two months back....showed it to the store i bought it from and the shopkeeper told me this happens due to damaged touch may be because of the sweat or moisture or humidity....but he asked me to get it checked with an HTC service centre and they would fix it if its in warranty....if not in warranty they would take around $17....Best of luck and wish me the same ...going to the service centre today! :)
  10. only1joetuohy

    only1joetuohy New Member

    Ive had my HTC wildfire just over a month and slready the screen has stopped working properly. Really frustrated as become tempermental at the best of times. Taking it back tomorrow hopefully to get replaced..
  11. Cherryrob

    Cherryrob New Member

    My wildfire s is not 2 months old and has developed a screen sensetivity problem.Took it back to the telecom shop for repair under warranty.The assistant who worked there had the same problem with her wild fire s..Looks like its going to be a common problem for this phone.:eek:
  12. Has_sul1990

    Has_sul1990 New Member

    ive got a htc wildfire which i have changed the screen on, the touchpad works but only when it wants to. any idea what i can do to calibrate the touchpad?
  13. hafezip

    hafezip New Member

    Dear All
    I have HTC wildfire using more than 1 year. recently a 4mm column on left side of my phone doesn't work. Firstly i found the problem while typing, I couldn't type "q" in portrait mode and I had to rotate to landscape for typing. Finally I installed an app named "Touch Test" which shows every touch on the screen and is very useful. It assured me that left column of my touch screen doesn't work. Please help me to find a solution. If it is software based or hardware? I tried resetting the phone but the problem exists. The phone runs Android foryo 2.2.1, Model HTC wildfire A3333,
    Please note that I don't have any access to HTC official service And prefer to do the fix by myself
  14. Amarjeet

    Amarjeet New Member

    MY HTC wildfire screen (mainly lower portion and the buttons) are not responding. However sometime it works. One day in scan it showed some viruses and after that I am facing the problem. I get it checked and the machanic told not a software problem but hardware, need to change the screen. Hard reset is also of no use. Is there any soulution? or to throw this damm set.
  15. Amarjeet

    Amarjeet New Member

    it recovery function is also showing error/warning signal.

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