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HTC Wildfire - USB DriverSupport

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  1. joevj

    joevj Member

    I am unable to connect my HTC Wildfire to my laptop.
    I have installed "USB Driver Package, revision 3".
    I have windows XP as OS.

    as documented in Android page, I tried to install, but the system could not install form that location.

    In HTC website, I could only find the "HTC - Sync 3.0" !!

    Can anyone help?


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  2. joevj

    joevj Member

    HTC had kept the driver in the SD card itself. once I installed it, everything was fine.
  3. kirsudin

    kirsudin New Member

    but unfortunately i did format for memory card.. please help me...
  4. thepinkpanter

    thepinkpanter New Member

    Good day,

    my friend has he same problem and I would like to help him .....would you pease tell me how to find the driver into the sd card?

    thank you
  5. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

  6. zeesixxtee

    zeesixxtee New Member

    my htc wildfire doesn't connect to my pc either & i've tried myphoneexplorer which doesn't connect with my phone either, & i do have my usb debugging connected...i've reinstalled htc sync many times before & nothing is working...plz help!!!

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