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htc z10a internal memory low after update?

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  1. KennyG69

    KennyG69 New Member

    i have 858mb free out of 1.5gb all my apps are on the sd car but it still says i have less internal memory?

  2. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    how much is the total internal storage of your phone? that warning icon is designed to come on if your internal memory (not the SD card) is below 10-25% of its rated storage capacity. some higher end devices sporting 5gb of internal will show that same warning with 1GB left. it's stupid and can be disabled through SQlite and articles are out there on how to do that.

    also if your dalvik cache is full (usually an upgrade would recommend wiping both the cache and /data) it can throw the warning. but clearing those two will make you lose all your apps

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