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  1. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    whats up with it!? Why am I, and others missing all the features apart from ring my phone, lock my phone, erase my phone? Locate my phone isn't working either

  2. benbird7

    benbird7 Member

    I'm not the only person then! I am not mega fussed, but it appears somethings not quite right, would be handy to have these features available as after all it is something that the handset is advertised with.
  3. snakeeyes21

    snakeeyes21 Well-Known Member

    there was another post where somebody had contacted htc and they said that some services were suspended for new users and would be up and running soon...

    I only have dashboard and no tabs, but what is there works very well, phone gets locked instantly, can ring the phone, message forwarding works, and my location is spot on.

    Guess its just a waiting game untill its fully switched on.

    I think its sycing messages and all but they just havent sorted the website out yet, I done a full wipe and my messages reappeared, apps I had downloaded were in likes so it seems to be working, just not on the website.
  4. I know it's 3 months later, but I thought those features were all that there was. I thought the website looked a little barren.

    I've had my Desire Z for 3 weeks now, does anyone know if the extra features are switched on after a period?

    Update: In fact I've just tried the "Make my phone ring at full volume" and it gives a "can't connect" error message.

    Useless. So I deleted my account.
  5. thandi96

    thandi96 New Member

    I have the same proble,
    I emailed HTC about this
    they said that because HTC sense is still in its BETA version and updates are still to come that there will be some faults with viewing the location
    Hopefully in coming months this will be resolved
  6. nonotz

    nonotz Active Member

    same story here :(
  7. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    still cant believe this hasn't been fixed. It was the reason I went for this phone in the 1st place!
  8. oj88

    oj88 Well-Known Member

    Mine worked for most of last month and forgot about it. I changed SIM cards recently which prompted me to re-register with HTCSense with the new mobile number.

    Now I'm in the same boat as post #4 above.
  9. PopTarantula

    PopTarantula Guest

    Keep an eye on this thread too.. disgruntled D.HD users in same boat
  10. Conax

    Conax New Member

    Just bought a Desire Z, and the problem is still there. Gosh...
  11. nand0s

    nand0s Member

    Thought this was because of my geographic location... Obviously not.
    Sucks cause part of the reason I bought this phone was for HTCSENSE.COM
    Oh well. One day... some day

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