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HTML email not available after ICS updateSupport

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  1. olliejaylewis

    olliejaylewis New Member

    Hi all,

    Got a strange problem with not being able to use HTML email after updating to ICS.

    Pre ICS I used the built in mail app for my hotmail, using Exchange activesync to link up to my accounts as it allowed me to access my other mail folders etc.

    This all worked perfectly fine and all emails displayed in HTML etc.
    Now after upgrading to ICS i have re-set up the mail accounts exactly as they were before, but this time the option to display email as HTML is set to plain text and greyed out.

    All the emails only display as plain text, which is useless to me.
    I have tried everything i can think of!
    I dont want to use the dedicated hotmail option instead of activesync as it dosnt give me access to my other mail folders (IMAP style).

    Im forced to using the Hotmail app from the play store which is pretty rubbish to say the least but better than anything else at the moment!

    Anyone have the answer?

    cheers :)

  2. Andy-D

    Andy-D New Member


    Have got exactly the same problem and I'm also not happy about it. I was pretty sure that I had HTML Hotmail via exchange before.

    I have reported to Vodafone and they have confirmed the problem and there engineers are looking into it.... dont know how much they can do.

    I hve tried deleting and re-adding the account with no luck. HTML does work with POP3 but this is of no use to me and I want all my email accounts in one place so dont want to use the hotmail app.

    Be pleased to here any news that you may have.

  3. Andy-D

    Andy-D New Member

    Have just been on the HTC website and spoken (chat) to their support guys. Have reported the problem, they said they were aware of it, but wouldn't say when a fix would be available!!
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  4. olliejaylewis

    olliejaylewis New Member

    Cheers Andy,

    At least some news is good news, even if it isn't a solution yet!

    This dedicated hotmail app is doing my head in, so lets hope they come up with a fix soon!

  5. graham403

    graham403 New Member

    I have same problem, reported to HTC, who have advised reloading ActiveSync, soft reboot, then copying Certificate onto SD card, then hard reboot. The formaer didn't work. I stopped short of the latter 2 since the certificate is public anyway so not a source of error and the last is lots of work. I will enquire when they can sort with a fix.
  6. joliroger4

    joliroger4 New Member

    Anyone discover a solution to this? I have the exact same problem and am very frustrated over it. I wish I never updated to ICS.
  7. olliejaylewis

    olliejaylewis New Member

    As far as I am aware there still is no fix on this!
    Maybe we should all complain to HTC again to give em a kick up the rear cos a fix is obviously not high up on their to do list!
  8. Tommytrojan

    Tommytrojan New Member

    Talked to a T-Mobile rep yesterday. Here is her answer:

    The standard mail client can't do HTML email for Hotmail accounts in ICS. That's why there is the Hotmail specific app. Please use that instead of the stock mail app.

    I took a look at the Hotmail app but I do like the stock mail app better for a number of reasons. There don't seem to be any plans to fix this issue. She didn't know if other phones (HTC One, SIII) running ICS have the same issue. I think she only knew of this because she herself has the HTC Sensation.

  9. olliejaylewis

    olliejaylewis New Member

    Cheers for the update Tommy,

    The problem is the hotmail app is pretty poor and does not intergrate with the phone anywhere near as well as the stock mail app. Not only that I want all my mail to be in one place, not have to open a separate app up just to read my hotmail.

    I can't understand and would like to know why suddenly ICS cannot do this when android versions before it could! If it never did it so start with I could understand, but why take away the feature when it was already there!

    Anyways still living in hope something might change!
  10. joliroger4

    joliroger4 New Member

    I am completely onboard with Ollie. They give you the dedicated hotmail setup option, but they did a half assed job on it and it does not allow you to view any folders outside from the hotmail default folders. Like already said, it worked in prior version before ICS. Now we have to choose between no html email or no access to our custom hotmail folders. Since we know it's possible to correct this based off prior version of our OS, the only reasoning behind this is they just dont care to fix the problem they created.

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