Huawei 881C insufficient storage

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  1. Willb

    Willb Guest

    even with SD card installed I do not see how to move Apps to SD.

  2. pmreed

    pmreed New Member

    Am having exactly the same problem. Got an SD card, and my phone setting show that it's the default storage location. Does anyone have a solution? (I've read elsewhere something about rooting a phone and have ab no idea what that could mean.)
  3. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide


    Android versions 4.0 and above do not allow apps to be run from the SD card, so there is no facility in the OS to move them to the SD card. (Note that nexus devices dont have SD cards so this is the direction google seem to be going) Data can be stored on SD cards and there is normally a setting within each app to define whether the app uses internal or external storage (ie phone memory or SD card).

    Most phones can be rooted i.e. the user can gain full administrative access to all parts of the phones operating system. (Unrooted phones are locked down by design so that their owners cannot easily mess them up!) With root access the operating system can be changed/modified to allow apps to be run from the SD card. The rooting process varies from phone to phone and needs a methodical approach to ensure success. It may be worth it if you are interested in phones - if you google "how to root huawei 881c" you will find out how.. I suggest you don't just try the first method you see, read them all, ask questions and be sure of what you are doing before you do it.

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  4. pmreed

    pmreed New Member

    So, if A4.0 does not allow apps to be run from SD card, does that mean we all need to be buying phones with huge internal memory? Am new to smart phones, but am ready to toss mine through a window. (Or better yet, get an iphone.)

    There must be something going on here that I am not getting. So many apps, yet no way to use them without running out of space?
  5. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide

    Hi again

    Just my view but I would not now buy a phone with less than 16gb of internal memory. My note 2 has 16gb and a 64gb sd card. After a year both are about half full (maps take a lot of space up) with well over 100 apps downloaded. I do keep an eye on apps that cache data just to speed things up. If you don't turn it off Google play music will cache everything you play. I deleted a couple of gb of cached music recently. Same goes for pictures and cloud syncing.

    My old htc desire became very short of memory after about 6 months of use (even with the limited apps to sd possible on Android gingerbread) so I rooted it and now can use the 32 gb sd card in it

    Again just my view but I think that phones will soon get to where laptops are in that they will all be powerful enough for nearly everyones normal needs. They are not quite there yet.

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