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  1. a7xkongzilla

    a7xkongzilla New Member

    When I turn it on, it goes past the logo screen to a black screen with a green circle in the middle. Status Bar will slide down, sound can be changed with side buttons, and it had force closes that repeat such as "(process com . bartat . android . elixir)" and "huawei . keypadprogram".
    It goes to my screen lock sometimes, but when I unlock it, it goes back to original black screen.

  2. ZenPit

    ZenPit Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same issue has a fix been found?
  3. Mind telling me what rom you installed
  4. ZenPit

    ZenPit Well-Known Member

    Stock nonrooted phone.
  5. shelle18

    shelle18 New Member

    I'm having the same issue. Tried the reboot several times before I ended up doing a factory reset. I've reinstalled all apps but Jorte calendar (no problems prior to that app installation) and is now working fine. I've turned it off on on 3 or 4 times and so far so good. I'll update if I continue to have problems.
  6. TrinaRogers

    TrinaRogers New Member

    I can't even get it to get past the rotating circle. How do I get it to reset to factory reset. Mind you I am in no way shape or form a computer genius so please respond in layman's terms. Thanks for your help.
  7. Dragnous

    Dragnous Member

    Ive been having the same issue for awhile now and it seems most of the time its an app that is conflicting with Hauwei programming. if you get the black screen with green circle Click the Search Soft touch key and type in google play in the search and when you click the link tell it to use the app on the phone and uninstall the last app or 2 that you installed and than restart and should load fine.

    Note you may need to uninstall a few apps or more depending on how many you installed.
  8. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    Pull the battery click the power button three times slowly. put the battery back in and turn on. if you still cant get passed the circle. keep doign that a couple times. worked for me as i was stuck like you. then clear your internal storage. hard reset is power + vol up. im actually unable to get passed the huawei screen when booting into recovery
  9. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    This is also correct.

  10. Scarsketch

    Scarsketch Well-Known Member

    Try adb reboot recovery as well it should boot u onto clockwork or stock asr

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