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  1. Tekkious

    Tekkious New Member

    I was just wondering if there was any way I could fix my phone? It constantly crashes, sometimes freezing, other times completely turning off. The only way to turn it back on again is to remove the battery and stick it back in and sometimes that takes a few tries. It's also slowed down considerably since this has been happening. I've not got any games, photos, or anything stored on the phone either. I've only had it for 4/5 months, is this a known problem?

  2. eugenerudenko

    eugenerudenko Well-Known Member

    Is your device rooted? What OS version is installed? And in general I wouldn't say that it's a common problem.
  3. Tekkious

    Tekkious New Member

    It's not rooted, no. But it is unlocked, though I don't see what difference that makes! and, it says version 2.3.6
  4. eugenerudenko

    eugenerudenko Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but can't help you. I have 4.0.3 (and as far as I've heard, most problems are connected with devices under 4.0.3).
  5. OgyG

    OgyG New Member

    Recently my phone freezes, I have it for 1 year. Should I update software? Usually one of the apps had to force close

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