Huawei Ascend Plus H881C - Root?

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  1. Will the rooting instructions within this forum work for my phone? Thanks in advance for the info.


  2. AmazingLarry

    AmazingLarry Member

    Use srsroot. It's automated, kind of like one click root, you'll need to install Huawei USB drivers, java JDK (non 7.x version) and install the platform tools from the Android sdk in order to use adb and enable debugging bridge on your device.
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  3. efanatic

    efanatic Well-Known Member

    Ok srsroot worked great. Rooted phone. I installed a 16gig sd card. Installed titanium backup and it doesn't backup to the sd card. Installed link2sd and it says that l can not send apps to the sd card. Also none of the wifi hot spots apps work. They say they are on but nothing transmits.

    Anyone know how to get any of this to work?

    foxfi sends out a bluetooth internet connection that l am using to hook up my note 8 but most of my apps don't work with bluetooth.

    HELP please!
  4. wolderiii

    wolderiii New Member

    i used link2sd with my h881c. i believe i had to format the card before it would work and you cannot transfer all apps to sdcard. so it's possible that all your apps are not able to transfer by design. also, if you just rooted and didn't restart try that. when you open link2sd it should ask if you want to give root access.

    i was able to free up over half of the app memory when before link2sd i was already full.
    So far that is the only thing i don't like about this phone. the internal memory is over 2gb but only roughly 500mb for apps. you can run out of space really quick for apps. would be nice to give at least 700-1gb for apps and this phone would be really nice.
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  5. wolderiii

    wolderiii New Member

    on a side note, has anybody tried beach buggy blitz on this phone? i installed and when running app on splash screen it loads and almost finishes and then just exits. can anyone else confirm this on their phone?
  6. efanatic

    efanatic Well-Known Member

    I have my default app download location the external sd card now. So l'm happy about that. Still don't know how to go about getting a wifi hotspot on it
  7. petsdaddy

    petsdaddy New Member

    NVM i found what I was looking for

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