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Support HUAWEI Ascend Virus on SD Card

  1. steffany1988

    steffany1988 New Member

    I think my Huawei Ascend has a virus :(

    It started a couple days ago when i downloaded some apps now it will not stop turning on and off unless i remove the memory card and it will also say "process android.[process has stopped unexpectedly. media has stopped " it will say this over and over even without the memory card !! Also functions such as ringer and alarm etc.. dont wrk.. if this in fact is a virus how can i remove it please help!! Also i plugged in to my computer and did a virus scan with avast but no success i want my phone back please.. if i do a master reset will it wipe out all my contacts :( ?

  2. skrapmetal

    skrapmetal Well-Known Member

    Backup your contacts with google sync, then wipe your phone.

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