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Huawei Ascend with a mind of its ownSupport

  1. planeguy56

    planeguy56 New Member

    I have a Huawei Ascend that is no longer on the network (changed carriers and phones) the reason I still have it is because of a game my wife plays. The levels can not be transferred no big deal. The other things she uses it for is to still connect to the internet she likes it better than the new dont ask. Now the problem someone or something connects to it. On several occasions the 3g light comes on and you think the phone is working but it does not. She still had bookmarks and contacts on it. This morning she turned it on and 1 minute the bookmarks were there now all are gone. The other strange thing is the battery will last for 2 hours if it is not connected to the net the minute you connect the battery about 15 minutes. I have also seen strange files show up and disappear. We have another unused phone same type same thing happens. I took the second and returned it to original and it still happens. I am a data Network Engineer so I have looked and tried all the usual suspects, but I am not that quick with phones. Any help is good also I am just curious, thanks. /jmc


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