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  1. ladysakura

    ladysakura New Member

    i want to use the internet at home using my ascend phone. when it shows up in my phone, i click on it, and type in my network password. it says unable to connect, why is that? i know the password and it is a secured network (cox), why am i still getting that message? cricket customer service wasn't really helpful, so i am looking at other sources that can help me.

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Which encryption type are you using?
  3. ladysakura

    ladysakura New Member

    mean on cox? secured with wpa/wpa2 psk.
  4. Muldy

    Muldy Member

    Thats strange. First of all I've never heard of cox. But my router is setup with WPA/TKIP and I didnt have any problems. I would recommend trying to maybe restart your router or change the password. Sometimes something so simple makes networking work. Other than that maybe try another network. Possibly unsecured and see if you still have a problem.
  5. ladysakura

    ladysakura New Member

    if i restart the router, that will gimme more problems that i dont need. in my area right now, there isnt a free unsecure network unless i go to other places in my city.
  6. Muldy

    Muldy Member

    LOL I dont mean a factory reset. I mean just a simple restart, usually a setting under utilities that will just refresh your router (not change or remove any settings). Sometimes by doing that I've had friends trying to use my network able to use after the refresh.

    And as far as the unsecured... I have a Guest Access tab on my router settings that will allow me to make sort of a separate network with a hotel style password (Simple word or something). You could try at a McDonalds or Burger King or even Starbucks if you have one around your house. The only reason I say to try this is so you know that its not just secured networks and not all networks.

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