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  1. iyumzit

    iyumzit New Member


    i'd like to dial directly from my keypad and not go through the dialer app. when i do, it goes straight to google search. how do i change the setting if there is such an option?

    thanks! :D

  2. eatenbyweasels

    eatenbyweasels New Member

    Hi. I've just bought an Orange Barcelona (aka Huawei Boulder aka U8350). I've unlocked it, rooted it and now I'd like to install back-up/restore before taking the plunge and swapping the Orange software for something more user-friendly.


    The U8350 presents a problem in that the standard CWM recovery doesn't work. On reading-up, it seems to be because the partitioning is non-standard. I found a workaround on another forum, but I can't make it work and as a complete novice, I can't ascertain why, so I can't go about fixing it.

    Has anybody got another, simple method of backing up a U8350 before installing a new ROM?

    All help gratefully received.


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