Huawei Ideos U8150 Recovery

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  1. kahush

    kahush New Member

    Hi,pple I need help..i installed a METAMORPH theme on my phone(U8150) which brought issues when i restarted my phone.It boots to the boot animation,then repeats it over again.It doesn't get to where it asks for Unlock SIM code..
    Anyone help??

  2. thel8elvis

    thel8elvis Well-Known Member

    Did you boot into recovery mode ?

    power+volume up+green key ?
  3. kahush

    kahush New Member

    I was able to install recovery...had clockworkmod recovery that wasn't working,but i managed to flash one.I guess its a lesson well learnt.
  4. sulemartin

    sulemartin New Member

    i recently purchased a huawei ideos u8150 x3 from a dealer here in malawi..I got tired of the boring froyo os and decided to gt a gingerman os..I did that and got the cyanogenmod cm7 gingerman rom..It worked fine but now i got the latest ics miui rom and was about to load it when every time i tried to boot into recovery mode it just went to the ideos screen and booted normally...i really want that new rom but i cant i wanted a few tips on how to get the my recovery mode back or another alternative to flashing the rom...thank you[​IMG]
  5. sulemartin

    sulemartin New Member

    can you please help me by teaching me how you flashed it cause i cant boot into recovery on mine

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