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Huawei Ideos u8180 x1

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  1. Bigdog007

    Bigdog007 New Member

    anyone have one of these IDEOS U8180 X1??
    wouod really like a new rom for this phone so i can upgrade to 2.3

  2. Projectshadow

    Projectshadow New Member

    wrong post sorry
  3. Nighthawk4

    Nighthawk4 Well-Known Member

    It seems this is the Orange Stockholm in UK.

    Anyone used it?

    Anyone rooted and updated it?
  4. Salty_Dog

    Salty_Dog New Member

    Help in next post... as stupid forum rules state i can't post links in first post!!!
    Not everyone is a spammer!!!!
  5. Salty_Dog

    Salty_Dog New Member

    Its also the called the Huawei X1 in Australia (U8180) also known as Gaga in other places

    Its been rooted, using a file that works for a few of the Huawei models.

    Follow Procedure here: How to root Huawei Sonic / U8650 - Austech

    I am amazed there isn't a sub-forum for this phone????
  6. TanithLow

    TanithLow New Member

    I need help with my Huawei IDEOS X1. I cannot change the notification tone, not even to the one's that are pre-loaded onto the phone. I select another, and it just keeps playing the tone "Heaven" even though it's not selected! Anyone know how to fix this?

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