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  1. FpKb

    FpKb New Member


    so i recently bought a HUAWEI IDEOS X3 with Adroid 2.3. Everything was running great until today. When I open the camera it does not let me take a picture. A message saying "Your SD card is full" appears, but the problem is that I dont have a SD card. I thought maybe my apps were using to much space but I still have space and also I deleted some. So please if anyone could help me. HELP ME PLEASE! Its weird because the days before I could take photos.

    Thank you.

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  2. buteman

    buteman New Member

    I am very new to android phones but I suspect that the file size of photos is quite high so although a lot of text messages could be stored not a lot of photos could be stored on your camera. If you have some photos on it then move them off it onto your computer to free up some room.

    Or you could buy an SD card :)
  3. knisar

    knisar New Member

    could anyone tell me how i upgrade my ideos u8150 froyo 2.2 to Gingerbird?????
  4. gadge3

    gadge3 New Member

    i have same phone & had same problem, all i could hold on phone was 1 photo at a time, despite having enough internal memory, i can only guess internal memory is devided to certain applications, no problems now with sd card, (highly recommended, micro sd 32gig, amazon,
  5. amokima

    amokima New Member

    I've got the same problem.

    The x3 supposedly has 512mb of ROM. I aslohave an 8gb SD card that I put everything on.

    Now my phone won't let me download any more apps cause there's only 23mb of storage on my internal storage. (I have 6gb left on the SD card). What the hell is taking up nearly 500mb when I put everything on the SD card???



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