Huawei IDEOS X5 (U8800) running ICS possible??Support

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  1. hartk1213

    hartk1213 New Member

    Hi i have the Huawei u8800 and its running 2.2 and i wanted to know how to update the OS to 4.0 if possible and if not i want to update it to the highest OS possible thank you in advance for you help

  2. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    you can install android v3... or v4...
    Gingerbread(3.2...) is official version, but u can flash costume Gingerbread ROM which is better than original i believe here is the link... :)

    or you can upgrade to official version and than on the top of that you install the ICS Aurora version.
    BUT ATTENTION: i reccomend you take a look and research a little bit before you do anything, because there are some problems installing ics aurora on costum gingerbread roms, you will have to downgrade it to 2.2 and than upgrade to official version of gingerbread...
    more info you get here:[ROM] Aurora ICS 4.0.4 for u8800 - Version 4.1 - xda-developers
    i know it seems confusing at this point but you will figure it out. just read the forum... ;)

    for any additional info, just ask ;)
  3. bikalpoudel

    bikalpoudel New Member

    hi every one i found this site very helpful to other users so is the hope of mine too. i m using my huawei u8800 Ideos x5 android os first the system default AOS was froy 1.5 or something i forgot and i upgraded it to gingerbread... and now i want to root my device... but i am unable to root it.... it shows error..

    plz can any one help to root my cell ...

    it would be his/her grandeur if can help me out ....

    u can emali me on
  4. bikalpoudel

    bikalpoudel New Member

    hey guys sorry but i ve routed my cell phone now i m wondering to update my gingerbread 2.3.5 official to ICS 4.0 or further ...
    plz any one help me how is it possible it would be more helpful if i can do so by watching video in youtube

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