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Huawei ideos X6General

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  1. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    Hi some feedback from having used the Ideos X6 for nearly a month now...

    No problems with mine regarding temps, i have a battery temperature widget and the hottest ive seen was 42 degrees c from memory. That temp was from running a speed display via GPS while cradled on my dashboard in the car during the day... and i live in a very hot place!

    GPS lock for the first time didnt work, after rebooting this problem never came back and i use GPS every day.

    No problem for me with dust under the screen or under the camera lens chassis?
    No problems with the power key, its one short press for standby, one long press for power options.

    @pjenoy ... are you using bluetooth when making the calls, that free bluetooth headset that came with the phone? haha.. because if you have it paired and connected the screen will always go into standby. Its a power saving feature. Its frustrating because sometimes i like to make numpad options whilst making a call, or sending a txt while on a call using bluetooth

    @pjenoy can you do something for me...
    *remove your phone from its case
    *take any screen protectors off your phone
    *un-pair from any bluetooth devices your paired with
    *place the handset out in front of you
    *Dial a number and press call..a free call number if possible ;)
    *move your finger slowly from right to left over the very top of the screen (the black glass above the display) while its ringing.

    Does the screen turn off and come back on when your finger passes the right side at the top?

    This is your proximity sensor, it should be turning off and back on again when your move your finger over it when making a call. If it doesnt remove all screen protectors and try again, if it doesnt still work download a proximity recalibrator app and recalibrate.

    Also remember your unit could be faulty, when i was trying to find some X6 in stock in Manila some Cherry Mobile stores i visited had units out the back that where ready to be sent back to the service dept on Roxas Blvd. Two faulty units i saw where brand new, the only defect was the batteries. One wasn't holding charge and the other the battery leaked into the chassis :eek: ... so do the proximity test and if u fail find your receipt and walky on over to Roxas blvd.. they have comfy chairs :D i been there b4.

  2. rolex

    rolex Active Member


    Thanks for the update , any comments on the multitouch and are you running froyo 2.2.2

  3. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    I thought id tell everyone here as i think i told you in the PM i sent you Rolex, the two X6 units i have I can confirm are NOT true multitouch... meaning you can pinch to zoom + & - but not rotate. Also i forgot to mention above that i have had some random reboots, but this never happened whilst i was on a call or txt msgn. The random reboots almost all happened while i was shutting down or changing settings on different GPS applications i was using.

    Tip#1 - To current X6 U9000 owners, are finding it difficult to find a fluid lag-free video player to play all formats? get a player that was designed to be used with the X6 ARMv7 v1 Processor like this one DL link here > DuckLoad.com Easy streaming Full working edition .apk tried and tested.

    Tip#2 To current X6 U9000 owners, are you finding it difficult to find a leather flip-top case to protect your new hardware? There currently is no factory sized cases yet but this is the closest you will get! CAPDASE HTC HD7 Leather Case (Flip Top) ???? 890 ??? ???? ????? all the media holes match up ie: Front and rear cameras + speaker hole slots at the bottom and a snug fit. Most HTC HD7 leather cases are the same size. Capdase cases are the best.

    oh @Rolex im running Froyo 2.2.1 and waiting patiently for my 2.3 Gingerbread update sometime next month should be.

    beatsworkn ...
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  4. rolex

    rolex Active Member


    Thanks for the comments and links.

    As some one who has never owned a touch screen smatphone and is looking to buy the A99 , would not having the multitouch option of rotating some thing on screen really make a big difference , and I wonder if future froyo
    updates will make the rotate available ?

    Thanks - rolex
  5. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    The A99 in your country for some reason was the cheapest X6 to be released, 11,000 Baht !!, and having no rotate multitouch (at this present time) is really something i think you could live with. You will be hard pressed to find a unit of the same caliber and screen size for the same Baht ;)
    If your concerned maybe have a play with a couple of similar spec'd models at your nearest store and try the rotate pinch. For me i dont rotate my maps anyway when searching as i like north to face up by default. And if i'm using it for Navigation in my car the screen will automatically rotate when needed so i dont need this pinch rotate multitouch anyway.

    Not sure if an Froyo update would fix this, it might be hardware?

  6. rolex

    rolex Active Member


    You can tell ive never as yet used a touch screen smartphone :D

    Some how I was thinking I would be rotating lost of things on screen and not having that option would be like cutting a finger off , so really that rotate option may not be that important , other than may be for GPS maps .

    I must calm down , in the end its only a phone :D

    Cheers - rolex
  7. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    Ok so i edited my previous post saying that the X6 is not rotate multitouch, It is rotate multitouch...the reason for this is i recently installed a new application called Locus Pro. This is an alternative to using Google maps for GPS, but better, it allows you to use many features like recording tracks, POI (Points of Intrest) handling, import and export of POI's and tracks. Best of all you can download your map region and store it on a SD card without having to use a internet connection.

    Once Locus Pro was installed and got a GPS lock on my location i pinch zoomed in and then tried to pinch rotated on the OSM map.. and it worked!

    The multitouch rotate is rough at times though, like in this Welcom A99 multitouch test video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDEQ0I6B0Hk&feature=related but technically it works! :D, will post a vid of this when i get the time.
  8. rolex

    rolex Active Member

    Thanks for the update , very interesting :)

    look forward to seeing your video if you have time

    Cheers - rolex
  9. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    ok so i made a lil video showing true multitouch with the X6, program was Locus Pro, explained above. bit of a crap video hehe as long as it shows the rotate right.

    So it seems the screen is capable of rotate but is application dependent, and obviously not supported with Google maps right now, maybe an update will fix this. But ill be using Locus Pro anyways so all good.


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  10. rolex

    rolex Active Member

    Many Thanks for taking the time doing the YouTube video , lets hope a future update may fix the problem , its does show that rotate touch can
    work on the screen. Is there any thing else you are planning to do / try on your X6 :)

    Cheers - rolex
  11. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    Yr WellcoM :D

    lots of different applications to try, my fav at the moment is the gingerbread keyboard i installed, live official F1 timing and track position app, Constellation star chart guide app via GPS and my metal detector app.

    thinking of jetting over to Bangkok for the weekend to pick up the wellcom version. I dont think the X6 will be released here in Australia till end of May? hrmm we see
  12. rolex

    rolex Active Member

    Have a look here ...

    WellcoM A99 | DroidSans :: Thailand Android Developer Community

    you will need to use Google Translator , some of the translations look like they were done by an alien from the planet Bongo :D but there's some interesting links to be found.

    The current price for the WellcoM A99 seems to be 10,990 Baht , and don't for get to ask for any freebies .

    On the web site it shows this list of places to buy the A99 in Bangkok..

    - WellcoM Shop Rama 9.
    - ​
    WellcoM Shop Rama 2.
    - ​
    True Shop Digital gateway.
    - ​
    True Shop The Mall Bangkapi.
    - ​
    True Shop million IT Mall Fortune Town T Allah.
    - ​
    True, 2nd Floor, Central Plaza Ladprao.
    - ​
    True, Central Rama 3, 3rd Floor.
    - ​
    True, 3rd Floor, Central Pinklao.
    - ​
    True, Future Park Rangsit 3.

    I think the True , refers to the True Move shops who's logo is this ..


    If you get stuck you could call the Wellcom help number ...


    The Wellcom web site is here ..

    WellcoM Mobile....

    Click on the Green Android

    Other Thai web sites ...

    ????? Wellcom A99 | krapalm.com | ???????? ??????

  13. rolex

    rolex Active Member


    I thought you may like to see this :)

  14. rolex

    rolex Active Member

  15. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    thanks for the retail linky's! :)

    Thats wierd u put that pic there cause i just received my new screen protectors from 3M today! working with a distributor we had to tell the design team to re-size the different 3M variants for the X6, and they did it well.

    The Privacy film on the right had to be cut 15mm from the bottom as the film properties would make the 4 android keys unresponsive, also taking 1mm off the width. The premium anti glare clear film on the left was also altered in width and fits perfect now. :D

    Ive tried that same focus protector in your pic while i was in the Philippines and it felt horrid compared to these 3M films, just my opinion.


    3M Vikuiti screen protectors > http://www.protectionfilms24.com/search.html?searchfield=U9000

    **just noticed they have removed the Privacy Film for the X6 U9000 from the list... guessing they are back in the lab on this one

    @rolex i can guarantee i wont behave when im there haha
  16. mecha50

    mecha50 Active Member

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  17. mecha50

    mecha50 Active Member

    Instructions for update

    1) unzip both file
    2) install SutL3.v1.7.2 then close
    3) go Start >all program> SutL3
    4) go Software update tool
    5) following the method
  18. rolex

    rolex Active Member


    Thanks for the info , its appreciated :). I would be interested to hear how things run after the update , do you have a Wellcom A99 or another branded version ? and any general comments / observations

    Thanks rolex
  19. mecha50

    mecha50 Active Member

    It's on the first page.... its a CM Magnum HD. :)

    BTW Rolex, On your A99, do you have an "English" language option on the settings of your Android?

    I just want to be sure before flashing... I wouldn't want to be stuck on an Anroid Phone with Thai Language.
  20. rolex

    rolex Active Member

    I have not as yet bought a WellcoM A99 , I went to the shop and tried one out and was very impressed , the A99 I tested had the English language option as well as Thai , I decided to wait a bit until the newer versions of the A99 were in the shops ( with froyo 2.2.2 pre installed )

    Cheers - rolex
  21. mecha50

    mecha50 Active Member

  22. rolex

    rolex Active Member

  23. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    hrmm same.. are you going to do this soon? can you let us know how you go as we have the same phone.

  24. mecha50

    mecha50 Active Member

    I have successfully voided my warranty with Cherry Mobile. :p

    Will post more info about the firmware update. :)
  25. rolex

    rolex Active Member

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing how the update turned out and your views on whats changed :)


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