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    Ok I have an "ascend 2" from huawei yeah its cool but a pop up came on my screen saying huawei launcher has been force closed well now my phone is completely unresponsive and does not unlock or stay powered on for more then two mins then when i press the lock/unlock button it turns off super slow start up as well HeelLLLPP plzz XD:mad:

  2. meekone

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    Carrier is cricket
  3. meekone

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    is there a way i can reboot or recover my phone from my computer??? im a 'newb' when it comes to this so help would be greatly appreciated ty
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    If you haven't done so already,turn off the phone,& pull the battery.Leave out for 5-10 minutes,&re-install battery.Re-boot phone.
    If that doesn't help,a factory reset may be in order.
    Just exhaust all other options first,as a factory reset wipes everything from the phone(downloaded apps & contacts),but,your SD CARD contents should be unaffected.
    If you haven't done so,in the future,back up data such as contacts to the SD CARD or GOOGLE.

    Edit:If you can manage to get to SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS>MANAGE APPLICATIONS,scroll down to the LAUNCHER APP & clear cache & clear data.
    Try this before attempting the above listed steps,if possible.
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    yeah ive tried taking the battery out like 20 times and same outcome everytime..... when i call it has the same pop up on the screen that im guessing fd my phone up in the first place says wait or force close either which will lead to the call screen which lets me answer or deny phone call but when i go to the home screen its back on lock and unresponsive.. so im guessing i will have to get a factory restore?? is there a way to reboot the launcher from my computer??
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