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  1. Edition

    Edition New Member

    ok i neeed some help i have this phone roooted with gingerbreak i also have rootexplorer setcpu juice defender i want to know
    What should i set my cpu to save a whole bunch batttery
    How to remove metro bloatwarewithout sdk because i have no internet and
    Last how to download exe file to sdcard with astro and crutch everytime do it stops
    Anything i should get to improve batttery share please i use internet awhole lot on my phone pleasehelp

  2. Keysersoze66

    Keysersoze66 Active Member

    Set CPU low as u want. The lower more battery u will save but slows phone down.
    Use root explorer to remove bloatware look in system, app.Don't forget to mount r/w (button up top)Google a list of safe to remove bloatware.MAKE A BACKUP before deleting anything use titanium backup root. Backup everything and last I use opera mini browser to download .exe files

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