Huawei M835 Reboots Over and Over Again

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  1. Reprotant

    Reprotant New Member

    Hello AndroidForums, recently I came interest in rooting my phone.
    So, I browsed through your threads, and did it. After that, I even went through some other threads and changed my boot logo to a picture of a chicken.

    However, needless to say I am still unsatisfied as my phone has a certain problem.

    At times when my phone is left unattended and the screen is shut off, after about 5-10-15 minutes, it will reboot by itself and turn on. There is no damage to the phone except for the hassle of having this repeat over and over again.

    I have noticed that the phone will not do this when

    A. In use by me (Texting, Calling, etc)
    B. Plugged into the computer.

    I do not exactly know why this is happening, however my latest android version is 2.2.2
    and I have dropped the phone numerous times.

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Reprotant

    Reprotant New Member

    Does anyone have a solution?
  3. Hmm, sorry if this is a necro bump, but if anyone's still having this problem, boot into recovery and wipe your cache. This worked for me.. It can also be an app issue. An older version of Smart audiobook player caused frequent reboots for me in the past. Good luck.
  4. Steve Eligoyo

    Steve Eligoyo Member

    This happens to me on all 5 of the M835 's I've owned thus far. How do you boot phone into recovery mode? I don't think AA is going to help, lol.

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