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  1. skdemont

    skdemont New Member

    hi, been trying to root my straight talk huawei m865c. been coming up on the net that it is the ascend 2 which is the 865 without the c. been trying all methods on this page and the cvm methods on playfuldroidz and unleashed prepaids on flashing recovery on fastboot it hangs at waiting for device even though the adb is functional and i can push files to sd card. the on sd card gives a e verification error. was looking today it seems that the fastboot is locked not sure where to go any help would be great

  2. alanomofo

    alanomofo New Member

    ive tried multiple root debugging programs on windows . been through multiple zip flashes .... still no answers here
  3. mauiredman

    mauiredman New Member

    Been looking for ever now it is 2.3.6 I think we are screwed.
  4. McMuffin2u4u

    McMuffin2u4u New Member

    OK I don't know where to start off but here goes .
    this is my first time rooting a phone in anyway at all. I brought The Huawei Ascend II from cricket ( I was with Verizon for almost 5yr but I wanted to leave because the prices were getting to much ) long story short the guy from the cricket store sold me on this phone so i brought it. but ever seen it been a living hell with this phone, all these pre-loaded apps are driving me crazy and I want them ALL gone. I read your post on how to root the Huawei Ascend II and followed it to the tee but it keeps failing and it says something about E file or something like that. what can I do folks P.S. I tried that zroot thing and that failed too!!!
  5. jeremyholt77

    jeremyholt77 New Member

    I went to 4shared on my phone and downloaded flash player 11 v11.0.1.1 and it is working for me on a movie site that requires flash. And my phone is not rooted.
  6. eomer000

    eomer000 Member

  7. raymealer

    raymealer Well-Known Member

    Does anyone happen to have a stock backup that they have made for the m865c I had a SD card failure and lost everything any help would be appreciated if you could please post it here or send me a pm thanks

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