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  1. jbaalson

    jbaalson Member

    I am going to be buying this phone either this week or next. What is the battery life like? I'm coming from the Motorola Triumph, which had horrid battery life unless there was a different ROM being used. Also, is there going to be any DEV support for this phone? The Motorola Triumph had an MIUI ROM, which was simply amazing.:D

  2. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Battery life is very good, it has a 1930mAh battery, which is pretty big. I'd say it's definitely above average, but don't believe the whole "three days of battery life" claim Huawei was hyping.
    As for dev support, your guess is as good as anybody's. Cricket isn't big enough to draw much attention from devs it seems. Maybe a bounty or taking a collection to buy a Mercury for a dev might be the best bet. I was hoping for an easier rooting method at least, but I'm not holding my breath.
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  3. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    Maybe the whole 3 day battery thing is just on the Honor?
    Battery life on this is pretty legit compared to other phones, especially the Indulge, but using the wifi/bluetooth will consume battery life. There is always the battery save mode.
    Hopefully there will be devs or a dev for this as there was for the Ascend/II, hell even the Zio had a rom available and it was Cricket only rom, not sprint Zio compatible. If not we can still look forward to the ICS update in the future.
  4. jbaalson

    jbaalson Member

    My biggest concern is the noticeable lack of development on this phone. As of now, this is arguably the second best phone on the prepaid market (Motorola Electrify probably being the best with a dual core processor). This Motorola Electrify doesn't even have a good standing in development.

    I can see that this phone has A LOT of potential. It would definitely be interesting to get MIUI and CM9, as well as custom ROMS, ported and made for this device. I can most certainly TRY to learn how to do this.
  5. fernymerk

    fernymerk New Member

    Just got my mercury march 3rd. but i've been having major battery issues with it since the day i got it. if i play a game, or use an app, for about 5 minutes or so, the battery gets extremely extremely hot, and i usually lose 15 to 20% of battery. also if i have my phone on standby or in my pocket or something, the battery gets extremely hot and wastes a lot of power. last night i stopped charging it at around 2 and it had 97%. when i woke up at 8, it was at 43%. should i just get a new battery, or is this a phone issue?
  6. nimoxp

    nimoxp Well-Known Member

    I'm no expert, but you may want to download the app called (my data manager) and see what's draining your battery.

    In all, this battery has never been very good imo. Even if I just don't use it all day and it's in standby, I have to charge it every night otherwise it will start beeping in the middle of the night low battery warning.
  7. claytonluke

    claytonluke New Member

    I've had mine for about 2 1/2 months now. It does get pretty hot while playing a game. I've thought about replacing the battery. It's a pretty damn good phone for the price. Just rooted it and taking it to the next level. The 3g through cricket is my only complaint. Otherwise, great phone.
  8. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    I would take it back and get a replacement. They might try to replace the battery first to see if that's the problem, but somethings not right. This phone does tend to get hot if you use it for awhile, but mine has never gotten hot while on standby, and the battery life has been good, especially on standby. If I unplug my phone before work and I don't use it until my break about 4 hours later, I usually still have about 96-98% on it. You could have a bad app draining the battery, like nimoxp stated above, you could try one of those apps to track it down. I do keep background data off most of the time, though, (settings> accounts and sync) that helps battery life also.
  9. mathesar

    mathesar Well-Known Member

    I would definitely try a different battery I've noticed the phone does get pretty warm when playing games but nothing to extreme (unless I play games WHILE the phone is plugged into the AC charger, that combo can get pretty toasty).

    Also if you're around a Wifi connect often (especially overnight) you can make the battery last a lot longer by disabling wifi sleep (set it to Never) Ever since I did this my battery hardly loses any charge when in standby overnight.

    More info here Android 101: Save battery by keeping Wifi alive | Android Central
  10. Demonwayz

    Demonwayz New Member

    Hi just registered for this comment. I'm really glad you posted that and thank you, now hopefully my batter wont drop 20% at night!
  11. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Dev's really need the device to be able to do much for it w/o alot of headaches etc.

    Now I could do a modded stock ROM if someone will provide me with a system n boot.img. ;)
  13. Can0dope

    Can0dope Well-Known Member

    I'll try to get you those later today. :)
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