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Huawei Mercury DisassemblySupport

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  1. Etcetera

    Etcetera Member

    I've been wanting for a few months to take my phone apart and replace the digitizer in it but in all the time the phone has been released I have not been able to find anybody who has documented taking it apart. Does anybody know anything about when a tutorial on taking this phone apart will finally be released?

  2. darb2984

    darb2984 New Member

    I was thinking about taking mine apart as well. I have metal shavings messing up my loud speaker. Cricket will most likely charge me something crazy to fix this. However I dont know how to take it apart to fix it my self. The ascend 1 had things covering the speaker to keep debris out, the only thing keeping debris out of the mercury is a thin metal screen with rather large holes. :mad:
  3. Danzigex

    Danzigex New Member

    Hey folks,
    Kinda late on this and yes REVIVAL! lol , but recently I was having problems and decided to take my phone apart. I cannot take video as the only thing I had to record was my phone lol, which also means no pictures :( XD
    Anyways. Below instructions can be found
  4. Danzigex

    Danzigex New Member

    1. Remove all screws on rear housing ( they are all obvious, except for the one under the water exposure indicator?, which also covers the last scew in the center.)

    2. The fun part! Get a nice micro flat head screw driver, and slowly work around the perimeter of the back housing, this will pop at a few places, but nothing to be alarmed about ( unless it sounds bad, in which case :O ) You will notice how the back housing is a completely separate piece. Just work around it and be gentle and hopefully everything works out.

    3. There are two black vertical tabs on top left and bottom right, close to the center, just lightly push back, and pull up the motherboard slightly ( do not remove motherboard ), and do the same with the other tab.

    4. There are some easy connections that you are able to disconnect, those just pop off. And there is another tab connection right under the flash assembly.

    5. The Actual flash assembly is mounted on a metal housing, unfortunately it is attached to it with some glue, but I was able to reattach, and considering the back housing applies pressure to it (and the heat applied from the phone itself, it should be fine).

    6. Now that all connections are removed ( except for the display ), you can fold open the phone on the hinge formed by the Screen connection.

    and the rest I'm still figuring out how not to severe important connections XD :D
  5. mathesar

    mathesar Well-Known Member

    You might try searching YouTube for Huawei Honor disassembly videos, I see a few there such as this one: 7iTech:

    The Honor is basically the same phone as a Mercury when it comes to taking it apart.

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