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  1. jamesysilber

    jamesysilber Active Member

    Is there any chance that anyone knows how to update or if the Huawei Sonic is going to be updated to Android 4.0. Because I would love to know if it is possible as the Huawei Honor will be updated to 4.0 and so will the MediaPad so is there any chance for the Huawei Sonic as I don't want it to fall behind even though it is a low-range smartphone.

    Thanks for the help if possible.


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  2. porga

    porga Well-Known Member

    I suppose you concluded by yourself till now that no such update will happen.

    Simply, no hardware specs for that.
  3. jamesysilber

    jamesysilber Active Member

    I have been able to find these two unofficial custom roms for an upgrade to android 4.0

    One is based on cyanogenmod9 the other is based on miui.

    These roms have been setup by a man called Alexandr Latyshev. They are both in Russian so translate them and see if they work in English.

    They are both still in beta stage and have limited functionality.

    Here are the two links.

    Alexandr Latyshev Edition: CyanogenMod 9.1 ICS Sonic Beta2
    Alexandr Latyshev Edition: MIUI 4 2.2.17 Sonic Beta v1

    Give them a try and post on what happens :);):D

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