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  1. l7aniel

    l7aniel New Member

    I've used the headphones before, they work, (apple ones, white) but recently they broke, before they broke everything was fine, music would play through the heaphones and all, put them in, sound would divert to the headphones.

    But they broke, so i went out and brought some more, cheap ones this time, plugged them in, they worked fine, bumped the jack and they stopped working.

    Thought it might of been the headphones problem, so i went and brought the exact same apple head phones as the ones that broke, the new ones dont work either...

    Plug it in, phone doesnt recognize they are there, continues to play through the speaker, help.

    I think i have damaged it some how but ehh..

  2. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    :( hardware issue

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