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  1. Lenny87

    Lenny87 Member


    I got a problem with a girlfriend of mine, she owns a Huawei U8230, over night it went into bootloop.

    I have decided to help her fix this, cause I've fixed several other android phones, but I cant get into the bootloader where I can reset the phone?

    When I hold volume - and back button when turning on, the phone goes into a bluescreen with some lines written in white, something about the build date etc.

    Anyone knows how to fix this phone? :)

  2. Lenny87

    Lenny87 Member

    Nevermind I fixed it my self. :D

    But I've read on the internet that Android 2.1 is out for this phone, but I cant seem to find it on Huawei's homepage.

    Anyone knows where to get the update for it? :)
  3. JW1988

    JW1988 New Member

  4. Lenny87

    Lenny87 Member

    Thank you.

    I did fix it myself last night.

    But, I made it boot up in stock 1.5 and the phone worked great, then I flashed Red Bull Mobile 2.1 rom from Germany, and it worked, but I know that my gf dont like the launcher of the rom, so I wanted to go back to 1.5, but I could'nt find a downgrading patch, and I tried flashing 2.1 from switcherland because it is more like stock android (i've heard), but now I got into problems.

    When ever I try flashing a stock rom, it says Update failed, and when I try to boot up in the rbm 2.1 rom that is on the phone, I cant get out of the setup guide. :S

    Is there anyone who knows how to get this phone working again with 1.5 Android on it?
  5. JW1988

    JW1988 New Member

    You need to get the correct stock rom.

    I had this trouble ( update failed) until I got the correct rom for australia.

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