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  1. SoozLoo

    SoozLoo New Member

    Can someone help. I bought a Huawei U8300 Android Phone (unlocked) but my telstra sim is not recognized. I tried a boost sim and a virgin sim also, but the phone still says, "no sim, emergency calls only". I bought the darn thing on Ebay brand new. I took it to the Telstra shop, they gave me a replacement sim but still not functioning. Can anyone shed some light on this, or is the phone faulty?

  2. Scue

    Scue Member

    Only one way to solve this problem ,
    ungrade your device to 2.3ROM is OK.
    Good luck for you .:eek:
  3. henriqueigc

    henriqueigc Member

    if you bought it on a store, make use of your warranty... At least in here we have a 2 years warranty for everything. If the phone isn't working its not your problem, but theirs.
    If you bought from another person just try Scue's tip...

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