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  1. haterau

    haterau New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 25, 2011
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    Hy I have a problem with my phone huawei u8500 .:(
    I installed an application SPB Mobile Shell.apk after that i restarted my phone
    to continue my settings , appeared a box where i marked to start wits spb
    and now all i can see is a black screen and i can't restore factory settings .:mad:
    Question :
    can now turn on the phone in default mode or another method to remove SPB?
    is a program to help me to reset the phone via USB?
    Thank You

  2. Scue

    Scue Member

    Jun 13, 2011
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    step1:install adb in your compute ,

    step2:install recovery via USB,

    step3:download a ROM form
    download the 2.3.5 SP10 ROM and download SP10-patch3,
    move the SP10-patch-3 to you phone's SDcard .

    step4:Extractthe unrar Files, and run the .bat file ,
    and open the "说明文件.txt",use the Google translate ..
    **ohh ,I forgot ,the ROM download links ,has a English version ...sorry ...
    **you should download the "u8500-Sp10-PackagesEN.7z "..
    step5:when you open the bat file ,press any key to continue ,and wait for a minute .

    step6:when finished ,press the voice up + dial (green ) + power key in the same time .And your phone start into recovery .

    step7:in recovery ,you select the second choice "apply update from SDcard",and choice the SP10-patch3.

    >>If you have any other questions , you can contact me .
  3. rdeep

    rdeep New Member

    Mar 24, 2012
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    hello guys it seems lame but im new here i tried to pasrtition my sd card with rom manager on huawei u8500 froyo. now if i connect phone with charger the phone turns on but when i remove charger it turns off it turns on without battery plug in charger. but sim network is not working also any help plz thx in advance sorry if its seems stupid but i really need help plz any one can tell me what to do
  4. ammujohn

    ammujohn New Member

    Jan 25, 2015
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    how to fix pink screen problem huawei u8500 when i connect this phone to pc only detecting dbadapter reserved interface huawei driver, im trying to recover with official dload stock by pressing volume down+call end+power
    and by pressing volume up+call+power no adb access no fastboot nothing works, pls tell me how to fix this

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