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  1. zirual

    zirual New Member


    I have my new phone only couple days, but I can't connect to wi-fi. I enter all codes correct, but it only says
    "Wi-Fi: connecting;authenticating;remembered;disabled"

    Thanks for help : )

  2. zirual

    zirual New Member

    Plz help me :/
  3. trubrit

    trubrit New Member

    Did anyone find the answer to this as I have the same problem.
  4. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    if this problem still happen with other wifi networks, then it is an hardware issue (guaranty time).

    do u have done any root or still on the original rom?
  5. cigonas1234

    cigonas1234 New Member

    hello my friend deleted all system huawei u8650. i installed new mod for him,it works good but not everything , it shows no battery and no network and i cant find it. i tried to download a lot updates but nothing works.. and phone works just on phone charger.. any help? thanx if u know how to fix it pls a-maill me..

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