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  1. Alurea2012

    Alurea2012 New Member

    I know that my phone is not technically an Ascend but this is the closest model to my phone that has a forum and I was unsure as to where else I could post this. I just got my phone about a week ago when I first received he phone everything functioned properly. Well a few days ago my phones camera and only the camera shows gridlines when its on. The video portion doesn't even show these lines just the camera and I am wondering if this is a faulty camera or if there is something I need to download to fix this issue. I have attached a photo to show what my camera is doing.


  2. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    Just had another uncommon Huawei in the Ascend forum. Instead of moving it to some obscure forum, I just started a help thread for it in this forum. There are quite a few knowledgeable folks here, we're just keeping all it's issues within a common thread in this forum. So I did the same for the U8652 in hopes someone has a good idea about your problem. (I rarely use my camera, so hopefully someone will speak up with some ideas.)
  3. Alurea2012

    Alurea2012 New Member

    Well I got to searching around and wound up buying the Camera Zoom FX app and my camera fixed after downloading, adjusting the settings with it, and then rebooting my lines are gone. Must have been a setting I couldn't edit as Gingerbread camera is limited on what settings it offers.:D Either way a happy camper just hope it lasts could be just a fluke fix. LOL
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  4. amber17nm

    amber17nm New Member

    my phone was just fine. i kept the charger in it while i was on wifi internet for hours last night. i went to go plug it back in this morning because it was dying and now the screen keeps repeating itself "rethink possible" is this going to be fixable
  5. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Try pulling the battery & leave it out for 5 minutes or so & re-install.

    As simplistic as this may sound,it does cure a lot of the weird quirks w/a lot of phones.

    If that doesn't help,chime back in & we'll try again to help you out.
  6. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    The AT&T Fusion is in fact a Huawei U8652, an off-spec version of the Huawei U8650 Sonic (Which has it's own home here on android forums). Specifications are the same between the two phones however there are two things to keep in mind.

    Custom roms made for the U8650 work with the Fusion. Some of those roms will enable the phone's multi-touch (the stock rom does not have multi-touch) however it doesn't work well. So if you haven't given up on multi-touch yet I don't have good news. there are two points max and they WILL interfere with each other. :eek: Which is probably why AT&T dropped the feature for it's rom.

    The other thing to know is that roms made for the U8650 will not work. I can modify these into the traditional .zip rom format and they will then work on the Fusion. If you need this done let me know.

    Otherwise you have a U8650 Sonic and can visit us over on the Sonic's section of these forums where we would be glad to help you.:cool:
  7. groynk

    groynk New Member

    I'd like to add a note from my own experience/research:

    U8650 does not have (at least on the roms I have flashed) the 850mhz band.
    If you rely on this band you may have issues.

    I had no reception when I went out of the city for a long weekend, not even 2G! Luckily for 98% of my time signal is fine since I am in main centres (2100mhz I think).

    Now I'm off to see if I can get an AT&T fusion rom... I haven't found anything at all through searching U8652!

    (Lesson learnt: always back up your factory rom...)
  8. robfed4

    robfed4 New Member

    Where you able to obtain the original AT&T Fusion rom?
  9. Collinsville

    Collinsville New Member

    This may very well be posted in the wrong place, but being new here I do not find how to start a new thread. :confused:
    I have a Huawei U8652 and I would like to add a Micro SD card, what do I need to look for (class etc).
  10. ali1257

    ali1257 New Member

    I am trying to figure out how to get music from my computer to my phone the Huawei U8652...can anyone help me?

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