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Huawei U8652General

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  1. alinorcali

    alinorcali New Member

    Is the forums going to make a listing for the Huawei Fusion U8652? Just wondering if I should stick to this forum for looking for information.

  2. agentz28

    agentz28 Member

    its not really needed the Huawei Sonic U8650 is virtually a twin sister. ive done lots of modding stuff from this forum onto my own Fusion U8652.
  3. droidlok

    droidlok New Member

    Most users will not be aware that the Fusion and the Sonic are so similar. It will be a great aid to have the Fusion fully identified in the index and to have a forum of its own. I spent a lot of time searching before I found the Sonic forum. It is filled with invaluable info, but you can miss alot if your search does not include Sonic. I hope the moderator will look into this.

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