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Huawei u8800 MEGA PROBLEM!Support

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  1. JohnTerry

    JohnTerry New Member

    Ok guys, so here is the deal

    The phone was rooted and Oxygen ROM installed, but it has a major problem: The USB Mass Storage DOES NOT WORK! And the android market keeps closing(Force Close).

    To install another ROM, you need to put files on your internal memory(the zip with the rom), but since the USB Mass Storage does not work, it seems "impossible".

    You can't download files to the phone's internal memory, it asks for and SD Card.
    Already tried putting the zip on external SD Card and then using ES File Explorer move it to Phone, but a message pops up saying that the file cannot be moved.

    So the question is how to install another rom, or at least fix the USB Mass Storage problem. Is it possible to use external SD Card files on Clockwork Recovery like "install zip form SD Card"?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. gilbertchege

    gilbertchege Member

    hi.. i think u have install the stock rom/ firmware.. do u have it?
  3. legolash

    legolash Member

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