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  1. Johnace

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    Jul 9, 2012
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    I was wondering if i was able to get multi touch on my huawei m835. I have looked every where but i cant seem to find it. I have rooted my phone with gingerbreak. I have an app that requires multi touch, but i dont have it. How can i get multi touch for my phone? What do i have to do?

  2. Swisaiahag

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    i have gotten it to work but you have to have synaptic touch screen ..
    also you got to flash the the kernel which wipes your 3G data connection :\ ...
    or you can flash wp7 rom ... or other multi-touch enabled roms for u8150.... i have flashed Andro-id Final and multi-touch worked , and DroniX 4.0 also with multitouch . I forgot the # to find out if you have a synaptic screen will post as soon as i find it again .

    EDIT:CM7 for ideos u8150 comes with multi-touch and Overclock Up to 748 but any thing over 729 makes your phonr reboot ..Also every thing works except auto-rotation /accelorometer ... So that means no Raging Thunder, or Sniper Games : (

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