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Huge Evo at the Bristol Motor Speedway...

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  1. Crodley

    Crodley Well-Known Member

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  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    LOL. Nice.

    Does it have a cracked power button as well? :D
  3. Crodley

    Crodley Well-Known Member

    lol, I think I see some light leakage over by the trees...
  4. hawkijustin

    hawkijustin Well-Known Member

    Actual size of phones in 2 years.:rolleyes:
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  5. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the vid OP. Very cool!
  6. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    That evo will give the iPad a run for it's money... :D
  7. tsipa

    tsipa Well-Known Member

    My EVO will give the iPad a run for it's money ;)
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  8. beano52

    beano52 Well-Known Member

    ^^ This made me laugh.

    Awesome though
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  9. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    And screen separation, bad headphone jacks, the whole nine yards.
  10. SeauxCrazy

    SeauxCrazy Well-Known Member

    Anyone else see the light leakage? lol, seriously.
  11. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Well-Known Member

    I bet that thing gets horrible battery life
  12. neoshi

    neoshi Well-Known Member


    You mean these? Funny, because my Evo actually has that, with the LEDs shining out of the bottom of the LCD. lol

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  13. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    yup...that's light leakage
  14. surfologist87

    surfologist87 Well-Known Member

    New ad:

    You can now buy and install the HTC Evo and ditch your HDTV!!!
  15. SeauxCrazy

    SeauxCrazy Well-Known Member

    Would have been way cooler if they had it propped up by a huge kickstand!
  16. Bomix

    Bomix Well-Known Member

    eh.. my Evo's bigger.
  17. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    um, no it's not.
  18. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    the notorious light leakage is below the four home keys dummies :D
  19. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    It's below the screen and on the screen if it's bad enough.
  20. ep3n3wp

    ep3n3wp Well-Known Member

    Was that more than 30fps?

    Can someone please confirm or deny if that Evo screen went past 30fps?
  21. lamboh

    lamboh Well-Known Member

    that right there....i believe everyone has...the realll deal light leakage is below not above
  22. buMitch333

    buMitch333 Well-Known Member

    lol nice saw this guy at Daytona as well!
  23. Rhinosruin

    Rhinosruin Active Member

    That's cool..

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