Huge problem- sim network unlock pin

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  1. Nav00

    Nav00 Member

    so my urgent problem with my phone, i put modoco's 2.1 custom rom on my phone and when i booted up my my phone it came up with the message SIM network Unlock Pin, so far ive contacted Orange and they refuse to help me unless i pay them

  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Your phone isn't locked, just confused. It's a common bug brought about by the new radios. Many Orange branded phones are incompatible with some of the 2.1 radios. Flash your old radio and you'll be fine :)

    Modaco hosts a lot of the radios in a sticky on his website.
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  3. Nav00

    Nav00 Member

    Xyro thank you so much, for a moment i thought id bricked my phone fora moment and when i called Orange UK they told me they wanted to charge me
  4. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    No problem, glad you got it sorted :)
  5. zozos

    zozos New Member

    hey guys...
    have the same problem but how do you flash your old radio?
    please give me some instructions on how to do it as I have no idea....
    Thank you
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    It's done the same way you flash a custom ROM, from the recovery.

    Download this file (known-good with Orange, link still active).

    Copy it to your SD card, reboot into the custom recovery and select "Flash zip from sdcard". Select the file, confirm and reboot when completed. You should be good to go. :)
  7. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Although what you see on screen won't look the same as a normal flash. For one thing, the majority of the flashing occurs after you reboot, whilst it shows a picture of an arrow coming out of a box. No matter what it does, don't worry :)

    The important thing to remember with a radio flash is, don't pull the battery out or lose power. Doing so is pretty much guaranteed to brick your phone.
  8. mixon2806

    mixon2806 New Member

    Hello, I have same problem and I need to know can I use the method on my Samsung galaxy 3 (I5800), and how exactly to do that...

    BTW I dont know how flash zip from sdcard...

    Thnx in advanced :)
  9. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums!

    You should ask that question over in the Galaxy Apollo (3) forum. The Hero is a completely different handset from a different manufacturer, so any advice you receive here at best might not work and at worst might break your phone. That's something that we go out of our way to avoid if possible! :)
  10. dhongki

    dhongki New Member

    hi just want to know if i can use this for lg p530 unit?
  11. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    This solution is for the HTC Hero GSM smartphone running Android OS only.

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