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  1. vkr_bibin

    vkr_bibin New Member

    I am facing a starnge problem during WIFI connection after I have upgradede to 4.0.4. When I browse using wifi after some time, the samsung galaxy s2 phone switches off. If I try to restart then it shows battery status with 1% charge status.

    The strange thing is not that, if I connect the phone to the charger for more than 2 minutes and then try a restart(while the phone is charging), then after restart the phone battery status comes back to normal.

    Is anyone else facing this issue? Can anyone suggest some work around to this issue?

  2. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    It sounds as though your battery calibration is out to me.

    Charge your battery (phone on) to 100%, turn off, pull the battery and wait at least three minutes. Replace the battery and switch on. This should sort it.
  3. vkr_bibin

    vkr_bibin New Member

    I have tried that, but it's still having the same problem. Maybe I am not doing teh calibration wrong. This is what I did
    1) switched off teh phone
    2) charge it to 100%
    3) turned off
    4) removed the battery
    5) wait for 5 minutes
    6) put the battery back on and switched on

    How can I find whether the battery is properly calibrated?

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