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  1. alofferman

    alofferman New Member

    Hey guys, I did do a search on this topic first and it yielded no results. So if there is a thread on this I apologize for reposting and would love a link to it. :) I just got my T-Mobile MyTouch 4G! Got everything I wanted working except Hulu. According to the Hulu Blog it should be available for the phone; but I cannot find it when I search the Market from my phone. If I check the Market via the internet I can find it, but it says my device isn't compatible. Anyone else having this problem or know what's going on? Thanks so much for any help in advance! :)


  2. danaj

    danaj Well-Known Member

    I would love to have hulu too, but I haven't heard about it being available for out phone yet. There is a difference between the Mytouch 4g and the Mytouch 4g Slide, these are two different phones with different specs.
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  3. alofferman

    alofferman New Member

    Good point. Thanks for the response! :)

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